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Children's Day special: 10 things we miss about our childhood

Last updated on: November 11, 2014 17:50 IST

Oh how we miss those wonder years! As we celebrate Children's Day on November 14, we look back at all the things we will miss the most from way back when we were little!

Do you too? Write in and tell us what you miss the most from your growing up years here -- #ChildhoodMemories -- and we will publish them on!

So here we go then: 11 things that we miss about our childhood

1. Going to school

Okay so it may not have been something we looked forward to every morning, but isn't that the very thing we miss the most about our childhood?

School is where we've had our fondest memories, wouldn't you agree?

Photograph: Daniel Peckham/Creative Commons

2. Our school friends

What would school be without that friendly bunch? Right?

Photograph: Danish Siddiqui/Reuters

3. The bonds we forged!

The pinky promises of never leaving each other... come what may!

Photograph: Urvish J/Creative Commons

4. The simple joys of life

Like a few minutes on the swing or going down that slide or climbing trees remember that? :-)

Photograph: Mindaugas Danys/Creative Commons

5. Harassing our sibling

Because no childhood memories album can ever be complete without one of these!

Photograph: Commons

6. Our favourite teacher

Everyone had theirs! Don't you miss them the most and wish you could share all your achievements with them?

Photograph: Pratham Books/Creative Commons

7. Playing hooky from school and going to watch the matinee show

Wasn't it!?

Photograph: Akshay Mahajan/Creative Commons

8. The annual summer vacations...

That lasted an ENTIRE MONTH! (When was the last time you took more than a week off from work eh?)

Photograph: Nick Kenrick/Creative Commons

9. Our first crush

Because there can be no other! :-)

Photograph: Shreyans Bhansali/Creative Commons

10. Our grandparents

Because there was no one who was wiser, more loving and pampering and someone we could run to when our parents were angry with us! :-)

Photograph: Nagesh Jayaraman/Creative Commons

11. Knowing our parents will always be there

Don't you just miss the assurance that there will be a hand for you to hold on to when you're in a crowd; that someone will be there every evening when you get back from your evening playtime? We do too!

Photograph: Tawheed Manzoor/Creative Commons

Write in and tell us what you miss the most from your growing up years here -- #ChildhoodMemories -- and we will publish them on!