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14 conversations you've probably had with your girl BFF

Last updated on: July 16, 2015 18:38 IST

Sumrit Shahi, the 22-year-old author of Just Friends and A lot like love... a li'l like chocolate, and one of the youngest scriptwriters in the Indian television industry draws up a list of some very, very familiar conversations that best friends of opposite gender have had :-)

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If Einstein was a relationship counsellor, he'd give up research, if he were to decipher girl-guy friendships.

They are so complex.

No matter how hard you try, you really can't decipher what they're about.

You're together but not together.

You discuss sex in graphic detail but never end up indulging in it (well, mostly)!

You get drunk every other night, sometimes end up sharing the same bed also but it's all cool and 'untouched' the next morning.

You've practically seen each other inside out yet there's no tension.

It's so goddamn weird.

But those guys who have a girl best friend and those girls who have a guy best friend can vouch for all the crazy, fun, dramatic, disgusting and nonsense things that are discussed and exhibited day in and day out. Without logic or justification.

So if you're one of those who are LUCKY enough to have a girl/guy best friend, here are some conversations that you've definitely been part of.

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed

Girl: Let's go out. I'm bored.

Boy: Sure. Why don't you call that hot friend of yours as well?

2. Times you're getting late!

Girl: Do you think I look fat in this dress?

Boy (long pause): If that means you'll take another thirty minutes to get ready, no. You're hot.

3. Those wrongly 'timed' conversations

Girl: Can't come out today. I'm down.

Boy: Drama queen.

4. And that awkward conversation.

Girl: So what do you guys think...When you know... You look at a girl?

Boy (Looks down. Then up): You really don't want to know.

5. And when it's time to go to the mall

Girl: I need to go shopping.

Boy: I'm only coming if you're taking me to the lingerie store with you as well.

6. The once-in-a-blue-moon story

Girl: I'm so pissed. Let's get drunk. Dirty drunk. Whiskey without soda drunk. No vodka and wine for me drunk.

Boy: Yay baby! That's my girl.

7. And...

Girl: You remember Ritu na? I'm going over to her place for a sleepover.

Boy: Girl on girl! Can I come, please?

8. Chivalry talks. In the car. At the restaurant. And the movies.

Girl: You don't open doors for me ever! I'm a girl too, you know.

Boy: Well um... I... I believe in equality (smirks)


9. Look. It's all about the looks , okay?

Boy: Listen, I need your help.

Girl: What's up? Tell me.

Boy: I'm going for a haircut.

Girl: So?

Boy: I was thinking... ummm... what do I tell them if I want to you know...look better.

Girl: I'm confused.

Boy: Ummm, I want to... look better.

Girl: Huh?

Boy: I want a goddamn facial!

Girl: Hahahahaha. You're so cute.

10. When the muscle needs a tissue.

Boy: She broke my heart.

Girl: (raised eyebrows) seriously? Are you crying?

Boy: No.

Girl: Come here. You need a hug.

Boy: No.

Girl: Okay.

Boy: Come here.

11. Friend, you have my word.

Boy: Listen, my girlfriend's doing drama again. She won't stop texting!

Girl: Here, give me your phone.

12. And when 'things' break.

Girl: He broke my heart.

Boy: And I'm going to break his bones! Now.

13. We have to do this!

Boy: I really like that girl. And I think she's into me as well.

Girl: You're not going to ask her out.

Boy: Why?

Girl: 'Cause she doesn't like me and I don't like her. Simple.

14. The ONE conversation. That happens every other night.

Boy: Listen. Do you want to do it, just once?

Girl: No.

Boy: Please? Just once.

Girl: No.

Boy. Ha! Great! I was just testing you.

Girl: Balls!

Lead image: Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are BFFs (and isn't that cute!?!)

Photograph: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Illustrations: Dominic Xavier/