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Layoffs: Don't take your job for granted

September 13, 2013 12:03 IST

We asked Readers to share their layoff experiences and the lessons they learnt from it.

Here, a former employee from the IT industry rants about what’s wrong with the sector and offers his lessons to cope with layoffs. Illustration: Dominic Xavier

I was working for an IT company that at least claims to put its employees' priorities even ahead of its customer. When the sun is shining, we take things for granted (100% growth, 50% bonus, 25% salary hike etc) and become complacent.

All of a sudden, I was invited by my HR for a meeting. I was in 'bench'. It is a term used in IT when you are not placed in a project. I was told to find a project within a month's time, failing which I would be sent home. At last I was not able to find a project within the company and I was sent home.

I am sure I was not alone when this happened to me. But I want the outside world to know few important facts before they take the leap into the IT industry...

My lessons...

Please remember! The world's greatest investor Warren Buffet does not own a single IT stock in his portfolio despite the remarkable growth rates. He still feels that he hasn't fully understood how this industry works. Everybody should take a leaf out of his wisdom.

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Do you have a layoff experience to share?

Have you lost your job? Do you know someone who has lost her/his job recently and is trying to come to terms with the situation?

If you, your friends or relatives have a layoff story to tell, to inform readers about the lessons that you have learnt, please write to us at Your name and identity will not be disclosed.

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