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Should you buy the iBall Compbook i360 for Rs 14k?

By Uttaran Das Gupta
March 29, 2017 14:30 IST
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What does the laptop-cum-tablet offer?
Uttaran Das Gupta finds out.

iBall Compbook i360

These days, one would not be hard put to find an entry-level laptop at less than Rs 15,000.

While most of those operating in this segment offer similar features, iBall is trying to be a little different.

Its CompBook i360 is a two-in-one touchscreen laptop; it also converts into a tablet.

This is the latest offering in the CompBook range of laptops the company launched six months ago.

The company, as its release reveals, is hopeful this machine would be popular among 'students and small businesses.'

This is a pragmatic ambition, considering its pricing and what it has to offer.

iBall Compbook i360

Like most laptops in this price segment, CompBook i360 is made of plastic.

From a distance, it looks pretty good -- especially because of its champagne colour.

However, it is a little flimsy and the finishing is nothing to write home about.

At 17-mm thickness, it feels a tad weighty at 1.35 kg.

What works in its favour is the convertible feature: One can fold it fully backwards, making it a tablet.

What doesn't quite work out is a key on the side that needs to be used to switch off the keyboard when you convert it into a tablet.

Shouldn't this feature have been automatic?

iBall Compbook i360

The display is also a little disappointing, especially when you use it as a tablet.

The resolution is low and colour reproduction is less than par.

iBall Compbook i360

The keyboard and track pad are well made, but the keys are too small for comfortable typing.

The touchpad also doesn't respond very promptly.

Its battery life is a redeeming factor.

Along with being a convertible and a touchscreen, its low price will also be appealing to many.

It is not really for serious computing, though.

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