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Sex-ercises you should try

April 13, 2010 14:43 IST

These simple exercises will do wonders for your love life!

Exercise not only helps you get a fabulous body but also helps you spice up life in the bedroom. Regular cardiovascular exercises improve blood circulation, which is important for better sexual function and prolonged penile erection. According to fitness experts, thirty minutes of exercise every day ups your stamina and performance levels in the bedroom. Here are a few exercise tips for an enhanced sexual experience.

Warm up

Try kegel exercises to firm up your pelvic muscles. Women gain better control of their muscles with this, which helps them maintain a firmer grip over the penis and reach orgasm more easily. Men also benefit from kegel exercises. They can delay ejaculation by contracting the muscles of the penis just before an orgasm and then fully relax them.

Here's how to do a kegel exercise -- Contract your pelvic muscles as if trying to stop urine. Hold your breath for at least a couple of seconds. Relax the muscles fully between the squeezes. Start with 10-20 squeezes a day. Gradually increase to 100-200 squeezes daily.

You can try them anytime -- while brushing your teeth, in a board meeting, or while watching television with the kids.

Lift the pelvis

Lie down face-up on a mat. Place your heels on the edge of a chair. With your hands by your side on the floor, try lifting yourself off the ground so that your back forms a straight line. Count till fifteen. Breathe out and relax your body back to the ground. Repeat this four times.

Pelvic lifts keep the muscles used during sex flexible and help enhance orgasms.

Do a butterfly stretch

Lie with your knees bent. Keeping your feet together, pull them as close to your buttocks as you can. Turn the feet so the soles touch each other and the knees fan out like the wings of a butterfly. Hold for a minute. Use your hands to gently bring your knees together. Then relax. This exercise strengthens the inner thighs and makes them more flexible during sex.

The exercise is also helpful for those with menstrual irregularities and urinary problems. It helps ease labour pain too.

Exercise while you are at it

Among urban, educated and working professionals in India, over 53 percent of men and over 68 percent of women say they do not have time for adequate exercise. If you don't have the time for these simple exercises cited above, here's something you will never say 'no' to -- some sex positions double up as great exercise.

Around 90 percent of Indian couples engage in the missionary man-on-top position. In the man-on-top position, when your partner thrusts, try to give an equal and opposite thrust back. This is a great exercise for your core muscles. To do this, try to lift your pelvis by using your core muscles instead of the back muscles. Try buttock squeezes to give yourself a good butt workout too.

In the doggy position, you can work your quadriceps and butt muscles.

The cowgirl position is more like 'riding a horse'. There, you can engage your butt and core muscles and flex your lower abs and pelvic muscles, whereas the scissors style is great for strengthening your thigh muscles.

For better sex, you may also want to try yoga, pilates and dance-based exercises. Whatever method you choose, regular exercise and an active life can do wonders for your sex life. So gear up for some exciting 'sex-er-cise'!

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