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7 Foods Bad for Your Teeth

June 02, 2022 13:39 IST

Dr Karishma Jaradi, head dental surgeon, Dentzz Dental, explains how excessive consumption of tea, coffee and lemon can be detrimental to healthy teeth.

Why sugar is bad for your teeth

Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy Neha Dhupia/Instagram

I have often stressed the importance of oral health for our overall well-being.

Our diet -- what we eat every day -- plays an important role in safeguarding our dental health.

These are few foods one must avoid to maintain good teeth and gums:

1. Say NO to candies and sugary substances

Candies and sweets may seem like the perfect mood boosting food. But they contain sugar.

And sugar, when consumed in excess amount is detrimental to oral health.

Further, chewing hard candies may lead to a dental emergency like a wrecked or chipped tooth. A better alternative for you would be to chew on sugar-free gums.

2. Ice is for chilling, not chewing

Most of us think that ice is beneficial for teeth because it is made from water and contains no sugar or other additives.

But it's important to note that munching on hard edibles can leave your teeth susceptible to a dental accident and can impair enamel.

If you want to keep your teeth healthy, break the habit of chewing on ice. Instead enjoy the water in its liquid form.

3. Be mindful of your citrus intake

Recurrent exposures to acidic diets may affect your enamel, making your teeth weaker over a period of time.

Even though a little squeeze of lemon can turn a simple glass of water into an exciting beverage, it's not always the best option for your teeth.

Make sure you drink a sufficient amount of regular water to balance your citrus intake.

4. Limit coffee intake

Though tea and coffee in their natural form are healthy beverages, many of us tend to add sugar which make these beverages harmful for our teeth.

In addition to this, caffeinated coffee and tea also can dry our mouths.

Excess drinking of coffee and tea may also tint and tarnish the enamels eventually leading to discolouration of our pearly whites.

5. Avoid gummies

While choosing to consume healthy nibbles many people tend to go for gummies with added dried fruits.

These are not just sticky but also lead to unhealthy oral hygiene.

If you find yourself consuming dried fruits too often, ensure that you rinse your mouth with water after eating.

A prescribed mouthwash from your dentist is also a good option to clean your mouth.

6. Be cautious of crunchies

We all love potato chips, don't we?

Unfortunately, these crispy nibbles are full of starch, which gets stuck in your enamels.

If you want to indulge in refreshments like these, you need to take extra care and floss properly to remove all the food particles that may cause plaque.

7. Minimise alcohol consumption

Alcohol leads to dehydration and dryness of your mouth.

People who consume liquor excessively may find that the flow of their saliva is condensed over time, which can cause your teeth to decay and lead to other oral ailments such as gum disease.

Therefore, to maintain good oral hygiene, limit regular consumption of alcohol.

The secret to healthy gums and teeth lies in maintaining a healthy, wholesome diet followed by good oral hygiene.