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Send Us Pictures Of Your Tiranga And You

August 09, 2022 09:24 IST

Are you flying the National Flag this Independence Day?

Flying the National Flag

Photograph: ANI Photo

When the Indian flag flutters on Mount Everest.

When a brave soldier waves it at the border.

When a sportsperson waves it after a hard-won victory.

When, on Republic Day, the IAF pilots form it in the azure blue sky.

When, on Independence Day in school, the principal unfurls it to the tune of the National Anthem.

The Tiranga. Our Tiranga.

The Saffron. The White. The Green. Each colour, a specific reminder.

Resting in the White, the 24-spoked Blue Ashoka Chakra. Another important reminder.


As children, we wore the National Flag on our person. A little paper or metal version pinned onto our clothes. Or a paper one we held onto tightly.

As audiences on the sports field, we painted the Tiranga on our faces to show support.

And waved it proudly each time our teams did well.

How will you celebrate your Tiranga this 75th Independence Day?

Will you unfurl it outside your window? Or raise it on your terrace? Will you choose to wear it on your person?

Send us your pictures with the National Flag. And tell us how it has inspired you.

We will carry your pictures right here on

Dear Reader, share your pride in the Tiranga with the world. Mail your picture, with you and the National Flag, to (Subjectline: My Tiranga), along with your NAME and the place where you LIVE.

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