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At Priyanka's New York Restaurant Sona

July 13, 2021 06:48 IST

Taking to Instagram, Priyanka Chopra shared pics of Sona, her newly opened Indian restaurant in New York City.

The actress gave us a glimpse of the restaurant's private dining room, Mimi's, which is what Priyanka is called within her family.

'I cannot believe I'm finally at Sona New York and seeing the labour of love after three years of planning,' she wrote.

'My heart is so full to go into the kitchen and meet the team that makes Sona such a wonderful experience.

'From my namesake private dining room, Mimi's, to the gorgeous interiors, the stunning art by Indian artists (for sale) and the yummy food and drinks, the Sona experience is so unique and a part of my heart in the heart of New York City.'

IMAGE: Priyanka is all smiles as she poses for pics in the restaurant.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Priyanka Chopra/Instagram


IMAGE: 'Timeless India all within the heart of New York City,' Mimi captioned the pics.


IMAGE: Mimi wants us to take a closer look at Sona's menu.


IMAGE: Don't miss the sign at the door which reads 'Mimi's.


IMAGE: Take a minute to appreciate Priyanka's fashionable pink backless silhouette as well.
The white strappy dress featured a high-slit and she accessorised it with golden jewellery.

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