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SEE: Gorgeous, metallic lehengas inspired by nature

September 21, 2020 17:54 IST

Designer Amit Aggarwal presented his latest collection online at the ongoing India Couture Week 2020.

'Couture for me, lived within the tactile experience of touch and feel. 2020 however demanded a change, and for this collection we turned to an eternal source of inspiration -- nature to lead the way,' the designer shared about the inspiration behind his latest line.

'As we experience the world through the safety of our homes, the oceans continue to churn, the wind continues to blow and the sky still holds her secrets and celebration from sunrise to twilight. Their freedom and lightness is a promise of new beginnings every moment,' Amit said in his statement ahead of the show.

Amit's Couture 2020 'depicts the weightlessness of the ocean, the caress of the wind, and the cradle of earth.'

'I think the pandemic has really got us all thinking about a higher responsibility towards our surroundings and nature. I feel nature has played a very important role in this collection," the designer added, while announcing his first digital store (external link) where the collection will be available.

Presenting stunning pictures from Amit's fabulous couture line:

All photographs: Kind courtesy Amit Aggarwal


Amit Aggarwal collection 2020

The three dimensional garments are hand embroidered and bring in a touch of shine, shimmer and glamour.

Amit Aggarwal collection 2020

It's interesting how Amit has reimagined industrial material and signature polymers in these designs.


Amit Aggarwal collection 2020

A structured hand woven metallic polymer lehenga paired with an avant garde blouse inspired by the elements and colours of nature.


Amit Aggarwal collection 2020

The flowy garments are feminine, light weight and is designed to make the wearer feel free and comfortable.


Amit Aggarwal collection 2020


Striped structured lehengas made from metallic polymer.


Amit Aggarwal collection 2020

The fine detailing has Amit's signature all over.


Amit Aggarwal collection 2020


Another hand embroidered piece with pearl detailing on industrial yarn.


Amit Aggarwal collection 2020

A metallic plisse lehenga from Amit's collection.


Do watch the mesmerising collection in the video below. Video: Kind courtesy Amit Aggarwal



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