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Easy stretches to rid stiffness from gadget use

December 07, 2020 09:24 IST

Rujuta Diwekar tells you how to get rid of stiffness due to gadget use

IMAGE: Rujuta Diwekar demonstrates simple stretches to get rid of stiffness due to excessive use of gadgets. Photograph: Kind courtesy Rujuta Diwekar/Instagram

Do you feel feel stiffness due to frequent use of gadgets?

Rujuta Diwekar recently took to Instagram to share some quick tips and stretches to get rid of stiffness.

Sharing the benefits of these stretches, she said 'will help to open the chest, release stiffness in neck, shoulders and arms.'

The nutritionist and author recommends you to try these exercises three times a day.

Watch the video below to see Rujuta's tips. Video: Kind courtesy Rujuta Diwekar/Instagram



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