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Samyuktha Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

July 24, 2023 17:14 IST

Samyuktha Menon casts magical spells.

Her wizardry on the big screen is indisputable. Her fashion -- all traditional and subtle, sweet -- will tug at your heart strings.

The Insta timeline of this actor and graduate in economics, who we watched in Vaathi, Bimbisara, Kaduva and more, is evidence of how appealing modest and less-audacious dressing can be.

For her, 'it is not about being flawless, but about shining even through your flaws'.

IMAGE: There is a lovely air about her, like she is the kind to hug teddy bears, pat stray dogs and kiss babies.
That's all the effect of a simple cotton sari with botanical drawings on it.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Samyuktha/Instagram


IMAGE: Like a yellow butterfly poised to fly off in the monsoon breeze, she's all feminine grace.
Samyuktha, who on sets would rather sweat it out under an umbrella than rush to her air-conditioned vanity van, has been uplifting her fans' days with her comely sari pics since 2016.


IMAGE: Samyuktha gives everyone a reason to smile today :).
And she is not wearing anything exotic, Indian designer, London high street or Champs-Elysées, Paris fare. No.
Just cotton fabrics and casual plain-Jane prints for a day in Dubai.


IMAGE: Her clothes almost bring on nostalgia and take you back to halcyon and more honest days when getting pretty only involved a sari, a bindi and flowers in your hair.
Everything about her sparks an Oru Yamandan Premakadha or A Big Love Story.

IMAGE: July Kaatril: Superb monsoon day shot, with Samyuktha, in the foreground, in lace-trimmed pale blue making the picture.
She ditched her last name she told The Times of India because, 'When I want to see equality, humanity and love all around, keeping a surname makes it very contradictory to what I want'.


IMAGE: Flamboyant earrings that complement, nay, jazz up her kurta.


IMAGE: The mandatory Kerala kasavu sari pic -- the flashbulb-bright smile is the hero of Samyuktha's look.