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Why everyone needs a #Veere in their life

Last updated on: June 01, 2018 09:46 IST

We give you five valid reasons! Pick your favourite one.

Veere Di Wedding is a film about four women who share an unwavering bond of friendship. 

Who doesn't want to have a veere in their lives -- that one friendship that doesn't morph dramatically over the years. 

It could be childhood friends who never seem to outgrow each other. Or a college friendship that simply refuses to go out of style. 

They say the friendships you make at work fade out the minute you quit the company. But who wouldn't want your colleagues to become your solid support systems.

We're not sure how many of you have a veere in your lives, but here's presenting five reasons to have one!  

1. Someone to have your back


There are some things you can share with family, and then there are many more things that you can't. That's when you need that special Veere in your life. Having a friend just a call away is a blessing in disguise. After all you never know what life throws you way, so it is better to be prepared. Photograph: A still from Veere Di Wedding. 

2. They make celebrations even better!


Who needs a band, baaja and baraat, when you can shake a leg with your veere, dancing the night away to the beats of your all-time favourite songs? Photograph: Courtesy Sonam Kapoor/Instagram

3. When you're stuck between family and fun, they'll be there to bail you out


Family pressure can get to you at times and when the chips are down you need that one friend to fall back on. Someone you can confide in, without the fear of being judged. Someone who knows your family in and out, and can bail you out of the toughest situations. Photograph: Sonam K Ahuja and Swara Bhasker in Veere Di Wedding.

4. Slaying it like a boss? Some healthy competition wouldn't harm you


When your BFF is just a call away, it is always a good time to exchange fashion notes, style tips and all things in between. Photograph: Sonam K Ahuja, Shikha Talsania, Swara Bhasker and Kareena Kapoor in a still from Veere Di Wedding.

5. Life is nothing short of a party when you have your Veere around


Who doesn't miss those awesome crazy night outs or beach parties you had with your girlfriends? No matter how serious and boring life gets, having that one get girlfriend around, can completely change things and how! Photograph: Courtesy Rhea Kapoor/Instagram

What's the craziest thing/s you've done with your girl gang? It could a truth-or-dare game that went all wrong or a surprise birthday bash you had the most fun at.

Did you binge watch your favourite TV show in pajamas all day? Or shopped till you fainted at an exciting garage sale? could be something you've never told anyone about...yet...;) We want you to tell us all about it.

E-mail your stories to (subject: My Veere Story) along with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION and photographs of your girl gang.

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