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This small trick will spice up your sex life

February 22, 2018 11:01 IST

Ever thought about the power of quickies?

How to spice up your sex life

By the time I was 30, I was already a mum to two young kids.

I was young, I was energetic, my body was in good shape and I craved sex. But I was also exhausted, busy and often easily irritable as I had responsibilities.

While I enjoyed being a mum, I was also sometimes envious to see how most of my friends my age, were still planning kids and would talk about their relationships and love life.

My husband and I were compatible and very much in love.

Despite that, we were finding increasingly less time for sex and that passionate lovemaking that early years of marriage often bring along.

And then I decided to take things in my stride

Without our realising, this period of lull in our marriage lasted for more than two years.

After all, we had two tiny babies and our talks were often limited to topics such as the softest diapers in town, pooping patterns, changing seasonal allergies in babies.

We were cribbing more than we were spending time with each other and night times were often the time to discuss that who between the two of us felt more sleep deprived.

In between all this chaos, having good sex was a distant dream.

We would talk about how our sex life had hit a total rock-bottom but hardly did anything to bring it back on track.

However, it was one day that we decided to introduce this one honest practice in our relationship that went a long way in adding spark in our sex lives.

We decided to be frank

This happened one day when we were laying exhausted on the couch and our babies were taking a short nap.

In between flipping channels, I saw a movie where a romantic lovemaking scene was on. I stared at the screen and watched it in awe.

Once it was over, I turned to my husband and asked him what stopped us from having a quick, exciting, sex-session despite our busy lives.

That day we made a pact -- whenever any of us would feel like having sex we would tell our partner and the other one would try to make time for it.

We also felt that to get the sizzle back we had to make full use of those short time spans that we get between our kids' napping schedules instead of waiting for those uninterrupted hours when we could indulge in lovemaking.

And this is when we realised the power of quickies.

That night, we made love in a quick but passionate way and even though it may have lasted less than ten minutes, both of us felt recharged and rejuvenated.

Lead image -- a still from Tumhari Sulu -- used for representational purposes only.