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Pix: The coolest dads on Instagram right now

May 29, 2018 10:01 IST

Make way for #DaddyCool!

When they're not showing off their strength at work, signing business deals or fighting off the tough guys, these guys are catching up on their little members back home.

Some of the things they do with their kids will instantly melt your heart.

Presenting some of the coolest dads of Instagram.

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

Captain cool Mahi definitely leads the race of coolest dads. Almost every photo or video he uploads of the young Ziva garners a million views on social media.
Be it her gibberish conversations or her carefree thoughts, Dhoni proudly shares them all with his fans.
From the time he first saw her face and held her in his arms to celebrating the IPL victory, he's proved that being a father is the best gift he's ever had.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Mahendra Singh Dhoni/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

Shikhar Dhawan may not be as popular as Dhoni.
But he surely makes up for the time he spends away from kids by surprising them at school, taking them to fun vacations and doing crazy stuff together.
Going by this picture, the Indian opener sure knows how to win their love.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shikhar Dhawan

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

Rahul Dev is a proud daddy to Sidhanth, his 20-yr-old son.
After his wife Rina died of cancer, Rahul played both mother and father to Sidhanth, giving his all to make his son's dreams come true.
Despite his busy schedules, he never misses an opportunity to remember his late wife or catch up on his son's activities.
In fact, the shy actor agreed to participate in the reality show Bigg Boss just so he could help fund his son's higher education.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rahul Dev/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

Beckham and his boy gang never fail to light up your day.
From taking the kids to the games to fishing and letting the youngest one scribble on him, the football star makes sure he's always there for them.
And boy, he's super protective --'overprotective in every way possible' by his own admission -- of his youngest daughter Harper.

Photograph: Kind courtesy David Beckham/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

Shahid and Misha define all things cute and beautiful. The two can be seen cuddling up to each other, drawing, dancing or simply playing in the park.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shahid Kapoor/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

There is nothing Hrithik will stop at when it comes to entertaining his sons.
They cook, workout and even pose in colour-coordinated attires. And Hrithik doesn't mind them being naughty at all.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Hrithik Roshan/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

How do you go about your day when you have an infant in the house?
Take lessons from Kunal Khemmu to see how he makes Inaaya part of his routine.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kunal Khemmu/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

When he's not spinning the ball, Harbhajan Singh is mostly having a fun field day with his munchkin Hinaya Heer.
Don't they make a cutesy pair?

Photograph: Kind courtesy Harbhajan Singh/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

Alexis Ohanian is the perfect answer to how one can balance work and family with expert ease.
The Reddit co-founder became the stuff of envy when he was snapped feeding young Ohanian while wife Serena Williams was sweating it out at her game.
In fact, Ohanian would any day prioritise fatherhood over entrepreneurship.
'Dad life is the greatest,' he'd tweeted.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Alexis Ohanian/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

If Chrissy Teigen is #mommygoals, John Legend stands an equal chance at #daddygoals.
The pop icon even wrote the song 'Right By You' for his daughter.

Photograph: Kind courtesy John Legend/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

For Suresh Raina, every day is Father's Day.
Remember how he cleaned up his facial fuzz because daughter Gracia didn't like it?
On his social media, he often posts photograph of them swimming together, enjoying a match or simply posing for funny selfies.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Suresh Raina/Instagram

coolest celebrity dads of instagram

Shah Rukh Khan has always been a doting dad to Suhana and Aaryan, now AbRam too.
Despite being a parent to adulting kids, he is protective but not nosey.
He strikes the perfect balance of father and friend when he talks about them. But when he's with AbRam, he lets go of his celeb status and behaves like just another kiddo.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shah Rukh Khan/Instagram

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