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Refreshingly Stylish, Harleen!

October 11, 2023 08:59 IST

When it comes to what she wears, Harleen Sethi loves to keep it playful. At the same time, she won't let the spotlight stray.

The actor -- whose Sultan Of Delhi releases on October 13 -- has strong game when it come to casual war.

Her wardrobe will make you rethink holiday fashion.

Harleen -- who you've also seen in Broken But Beautiful, The Gone Game, Kathmandu Connection and Kohrra -- is no fan of drama though.

She'd just like to be 'your friendly neighbourhood sweetheart, spreading smiles one wave at a time'.

IMAGE: 'Referencing Rani Mukerji from Saathiya' is a fun thought for her.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Harleen Sethi/Instagram


IMAGE: Harleen is always in a 'sunshine state of mind'.


IMAGE: She loves taking risks and doesn't mind slipping her fab bod into a little white dress even during long drives.


IMAGE: The actress steps into the wild in a mustard yellow bikini with papaya prints.


IMAGE: On days meant for relaxation, she turns to all-white.


IMAGE: Twirling her way into our hearts in a green lehenga.


IMAGE: Cargo pants and a printed shirt from a men's summer range is how she loves to do comfy holiday fashion.