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Recipe: Spicy Southy Mutton Curry

January 11, 2022 18:24 IST

Ramapriya Suresh blends baby onions, fresh coconut, and a whole range of Indian spices, to cook the oh-so-perfect South Indian Masala Mutton Curry.

All you need is a bowl of steamed rice or hot, crispy, dosas and a gourmet dinner is in the bag.

Mutton curry

Video and photograph: Ramapriya Suresh/Ammu's Kitchen

South Indian Masala Mutton Curry or Mutton Rassa

Serves: 3-4


For the dry masala

For the garnish


WATCH: How to make South Indian Masala Mutton Curry

Ramapriya Suresh is the creator of the YouTube channel Ammu's Kitchen.