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Recipe: Soft, Fluffy Hot Cross Buns

April 11, 2022 13:20 IST

Hot Cross Buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

Tanushka D'Silva -- about who you can read here -- shares her precise recipe for beautiful baked buns with a rounded, glazed crust with the cross on top.

Make them for the Easter season or simply bake them for breakfast.

Photograph: Kind courtesy House of Poder/Instagram

Hot Cross Buns&

Serves: 6


Dry ingredients

Wet ingredients

For the cross

Pre- and post baking


Note: For gluten-free buns, use gluten-free flour, made in India by several brands and increase the yeast by a teaspoon.

For eggless buns, skip the egg and the egg wash and to make them vegan, use almond milk and vegan butter, available in online stores.

Those following a diabetic diet or a low-cal regimen, replace the maida with wholemeal flour, increase the yeast by 1 tsp, and skip the raisins and the jam/honey wash.

Tanushka D'Silva is a self-taught baker and founder of the House of Poder.

You can follow her on Instagram @houseofpoder for more recipes or if you live in Mumbai, Whatsapp her on 9920936432 to place your orders.