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Recipe: Palak Corn Tarts

September 07, 2023 13:02 IST

If you are craving for something crunchy, make Chef Sohail Karimi's Palak Corn Tarts.

Topped with grated cheese, it comes with a yummy filling of spinach, sweet corn and cream. Save yourself the trouble of making the tarts at home by buying readymade shells.

Have kids? Take their help and make this a family activity over the weekend.

Western delights are Chef Sohail's specialties and his recipes are meticulous.


Palak Corn Tarts

Serves: 6

For the pastry dough

For the filling


For the pastry dough

For the filling

For baking and assembling the tarts

Editor's Note: Consider adding 4-5 tbsp shredded boiled chicken or fried bacon bits to the stuffing for a meaty flavour.

For a Jain version of these tarts, skip the garlic.

To veganise them, use almond milk instead of cream, cashew butter instead of regular butter and grated vegan cheese instead of grated mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

For gluten-free tarts, use ragi flour instead of maida.

Chef Suhail Karimi

Chef Sohail Karimi is the executive chef at the Radisson Blu Resort and Convention Centre, Karjat.