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Recipe: Lemony Zoodle Spaghetti

September 10, 2022 13:24 IST

Zoodles or spiralised zucchini is the runaway popular dish on the menus of chichi eateries serving New Age California cuisine that uses and sometimes overuses plenty of organic fresh produce.

But frankly as bravely health conscious as one might like to be, zoodles without noodles is slow chomping. It's just too much health on a fork and it's impossible to be that saintly.

Instead dilute the zoodles with the noodles ie some spaghetti, and spice it up and you have a far tastier dish, Zelda Pande's Lemony Zoodle Spaghetti, even if you feel a little guilty about the extra carbs.

A few fried bacon bits will add extra flavour for those who would like a meaty accent.

Lemony Zoodle Spaghetti

Photograph: Zelda Pande

Lemony Zoodle Spaghetti

Serves: 3


Zelda's Notes: Al dente means 'to the tooth' or pasta that has a bite to it. Packets of pasta usually have their cooking time listed on them. To make a pasta al dente, subtract one minute or 1½ minutes from the regular cooking time.

For a vegan version of this pasta dish, use cashew butter instead of regular butter and use vegan cheese instead of Parmesan cheese.

For a Jain version, omit the garlic and onion and use ½ cup chopped leek tops.

Several types of tools are now available to spiralise vegetables. If you cook a lot of Chinese or make plenty of salads, a more heavy-duty spiraliser is meant for you to produce long thin strips of carrots, spidery rings of onions, mountains of cucumber coils that are far more tasty than fat thick pieces of the same vegetables.