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Recipe: Chicken Kofta Yoghurt Kadhi

April 28, 2022 16:54 IST

Spiced yogurt-based kadhi is very popular in most North Indian homes.

The ingredients may differ from region to region -- for instance, the Maharashtrian and Gujarati kadhi is made without deep-fried pakoras.

Bethica Das unusually replaces besan pakoras with chicken koftas to make a non-vegetarian kadhi that's best enjoyed with jeera rice, biryani, pulao, steamed rice, naans, tandoori rotis or chapattis.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Bethica Das

Chicken Kofta

Serves: 3-4


For the chicken kofta

For the kadhi

For the tempering

For the garnish


For the chicken kofta

For the kadhi

Note: Vegetarians or vegan? Instead of besan pakoras or chicken koftas, for a change add pieces of paneer or small whole onions or drumstick pieces or sticks of mooli or white radish to the yoghurt-based kadhi.

Also if vegan, use vegan yoghurt, available in several brands, to make the kadhi.

Bethica Das is a Sharjah-based food blogger.