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Recipe: Bethica's Rajasthani Karba

June 02, 2023 13:05 IST

Hot days call for yoghurt-based recipes and the Rajasthani Karba is one such sweet treat that's best enjoyed in warm weather or for festivals and special occasions.

Cooked rice, yoghurt, sugar, kesar, green elaichi powder and lots of dry fruits come together to create Bethica Das's version of this simple, satisfying dessert.

She serves it in earthen bowls for a rustic touch.

In Kolkata, the dish is called Doi Bhaat and goes well with mashed bananas, pomegranate or ripe mangoes.

Bethica's cooking has several influences -- her Bengali roots, Hyderabad where she grew up and Chennai and Sharjah where she has lived for many years.


Serves: 3-4




Bethica Das is a Sharjah-based food blogger.