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Push up to get fit!

Last updated on: September 25, 2019 14:33 IST

Push ups not only work wonders for your chest, but also help in defining your abs, triceps and shoulder muscles.

Push ups improve muscular endurance in the upper body by strengthening muscles and bones, creating lean muscle mass which raises metabolism, keeping you fit and healthy.

The most common type of push up is the kind where one is in plank position -- curled up toes with a flat back and hips tucked, supported by hands and wrists that should be directly under the shoulders.

Sweaty Swetha

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sweaty Swetha/Instagram

But there area variety of push up variations which can do wonders to your body aside from regular push ups.

According to Vikas Jain, managing director of Anytime Fitness India, there are push up variations which are better for your body and core strength, which will transform a mundane exercise routine into a focused routine to improve muscular strength and the shape of your body.


Incline push up

IMAGE:'s gym trainer Rajesh Pawar demonstrates push ups here and in the photographs below.

Do your usual (regular) push up in a raised platform like a stair step. As your body is not parallel to ground, you will experience less pressure on your shoulder and triceps.


Single-leg push up

While doing planks, you need to bend your elbows, lowering into a push up as you lift your right leg a couple of inches from the ground.

Press upwards, keeping your leg raised and then place your right leg on the ground as you return to your starting position.

Do the same with your left leg.


Single-arm push up

Similar to single leg push up, the only difference is you have to do this with your arms.


Wall push up

Stretch your arms to lean forward while standing, while facing the wall.

Keeping your feet and arms shoulder-width apart, place your palms on the wall.

Bend your elbows and bring your chest towards the wall.

Keep your elbows inwards and then press back to your starting position.


Knee push up

Get down on your knees put your hands right under your shoulders with your fingers pointing straight ahead.

Toes can rest on the ground or can point upwards.

Keep looking at the space between your palms as you lower your chest to the point where your shoulders can align with your elbows.

Do not drop your belly to the ground and be sure to engage your core.

Press upwards while you imagine maintaining a straight line throughout the entire body.


Diamond push up

Make the shape of a diamond using your thumb and index fingers, and then straighten your arms.

To make it easier you can be on your knees or toes.

Then, bend your elbows while you lower your chest towards the floor.

Keep your back flat and then press back up to extend your arms.


Shoulder taps

While in plank position, lower into a push up.

As you rise back to the plank, lift your right hand and tap on your left shoulder.

When you bring your right hand back to the ground, lower into another push up.

You have to repeat the same with left hand for balance.

Vikas Jain
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