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Poll: Which is the tastiest mango in India?

Last updated on: June 03, 2016 09:40 IST

Haapus, Himsagar or Langda or.....
Which is the tastiest mango in India?

Which is the tastiest mango in India?

One thing Indians can't agree on is which mango tastes the best.

Folks in Maharashtra insist that the Haapus or Alphonso is the tastiest by far.

A notion North Indians will dismiss instantly, insisting that the Langa or Malda is the tastiest mango on the third rock from the sun.

To which the Odiyas and Bengalis who may squabble over where the rasogolla was born, but are united in declaring that there is no mango like the Himsagar.

Well, the list of Indian mangos is long and even those who have tasted them all would find it hard to pick a favourite.

So we are asking you, dear readers, to tell us what you think is the tastiest mango in India.

Pick your favourite from the 17 (yeah, you read that right!) options below.

And if you don't find your mango here, please let us know on the messageboard below.

Lead image: Rafiquar Rahman/Reuters