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PIX: The Cat in the Hat

September 22, 2020 14:24 IST

Need inspiration to wear the right hat?

IMAGE: Shashi Bangari's first crochet hat inspired by her sis Kusum :) Photograph: Kind courtesy Shashi Bangari/Instagram

IMAGE: What do you think of Deepti Gujral's look? Photograph: Kind courtesy Deepti Gujral/Instagram


IMAGE: Don't worry Alice, Wonderland is better when you are completely Lost :) says Sanea Sheikh. Photograph: Kind courtesy Sanea Sheikh/Instagram


IMAGE: Anjali Lavania loves the SUNSHINE. Photograph: Kind courtesy Anjali Lavania/Instagram


IMAGE: This is how Self Care Sunday looks like for Shenaz Treasury. Photograph: Kind courtesy Shenaz Treasury/Instagram


Concept and photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/
Presentation: Ashish Narsale/


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