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Nazar Na Lage, Alaya!

November 09, 2023 08:55 IST

Turn to Alaya F if you want a crash course in luxury. 

She can dazzle in sequins.

Floor you with her casual outfits.

Leave you gobsmacked with her red carpet gowns.

Her sense of style is sophisticated but she has also mastered the art of street wear.

The Sagittarius in her always feels extra spontaneous when comes to wardrobe choices. 

IMAGE: A style maven to watch out for, Alaya's noteworthy all-black styles need a runway of their own.  
Photographs: Kind courtesy Alaya F/Instagram


IMAGE: When she travels, Alaya stays loyal to her favourite shade. 


IMAGE: She taps into steamy senorita glam in a way that will make you go green with envy.  


IMAGE: Alaya has definitely earned her fashion stripes! 


IMAGE: Even when she's got just three hours to pack, Alaya never leaves behind her gorgeous, printed swimsuit. 


IMAGE: She doesn't hold back, not even when it comes to incandescent neons and eye-popping cutouts.