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Makar Sankranti 2018: 10 must-have sweets to complete the celebration

Last updated on: January 14, 2018 14:16 IST

From Lohri to Magh Bihu and Pongal, any winter harvest festival is incomplete without them.

Til gud Makar sankranti

The combination of til (sesame seeds) and gud (jaggery) are essential to Makar Sankranti celebrations. While Maharashtra celebrates with Tilgul laddoss, the combination pops up as chiki, gajak and more across India.
Interestingly, the Assamese make Til Pitha out of the combination to celebrate Magh Bihu.
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Photograph: @shradhamadurwar/Instagram.

Bihu sweet

Magh Bihu is also known as Bhogali Bihu (literally the Bihu of eating and enjoyment).
Bihu sweets include (centre) narikol laru (coconut sweet), and sesame sweets.
Photograph: @nanditambarua/Instagram.


Makar Sankranti sweet Bengal and Assam

In Bengal and other parts of the eastern belt where Makar Sankranti is marked as Poush Sankranti, patishapta -- traditionally rice flour crepes stuffed with a coconut and jaggery mix -- is a must have.
Here's how you can make patishapta.
Photograph: @ocktailsbeforecake/Instagram.


Phini Makar Sankranti Rajasthan

The Rajasthanis can't do without their Phini on Makar Sankranti.
Photograph: @fervour.hunt/Instagram.


Telugu Sankranti sweet

Down south, in Andhra Pradesh, Appalu (sweet crispy rice and wheat cakes), which is also a combination of rice, jaggery and sesame, is popular. 
Photograph: @mycravesandraves/Instagram.


Makar Sankranti sweet Bengal and Assam

Sankranti celebrations in the east are also not complete without a variety of pithe -- like ranga alur puli pithe! Ranga alur puli pithe is made with sweet potatoes, flour and a coconut filling. The dumplings are deep fried and then dunked in a sugar syrup.
Photograph: @myfridayfoodswings/Instagram.

Pongal sweet

A must have dish in Tamil Nadu -- which celebrates Thai Pongal -- is the sakkarai pongal, or sweet pongal.
Recipe: How to make sakkarai pongal and more
Photograph: @rjay9/Instagram.


Sakkarai Pongal

Traditional Makar Sankranti sweets have also made way for innovations like Sakkarai Pongal Cupcakes.
Check out Pongal recipes with a twist.
Photograph: @the.cupcake.swag.


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