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Monsoon blooms: L'il drops of joy

June 23, 2018 10:04 IST

We had asked you, dear readers to share your best monsoon memories.
Palanki Narayana sent us these beautiful photographs of rain droplets.

Click here to post your #Monsoon-Pics. 

Monsoon pix

A jatropha bud covered in rain droplets.

Monsoon pix

A rain drop clinging to the stamen of a white hibiscus.

Monsoon pix

Rain drops on roses look so beautiful.

Monsoon pix

Finally, we have this picture of rain droplets on periwinkle flowers after a cloud burst.

Readers, you can click here to post your #Monsoon-Pics.

You can also mail your photographs to (subject line: 'Monsoon Pics') along with your NAME, AGE and LOCATION where it was clicked at.

We'll publish the most interesting ones right here on Make sure to include a little-write up of where you clicked the snap.

Remember, the theme is the monsoons, so your photograph has to gel with the season. Hurry and send in your fave pics today!

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