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6 terribly impolite things people do at ATMs

March 31, 2015 10:15 IST

We may turn our noses up at those who do it but that doesn't mean we haven't done one (or all) of these things at an ATM.

Let the countdown begin!

6. Take an inordinate amount of time

If you observe, it takes around 60 seconds to complete a cash withdrawal transaction.

But then there are those who will stare at the ATM screen like they are analysing the stock markets. They stare. And stare. And stare some more.

The continuous staring is interrupted by occasional pressing of the buttons and a deep sigh.

Yes we know what it feels like to look at our balance at the end of the month but hey, there are people waiting in queue.

So limit your transactions to the minimum if you know there is a queue behind you.

Surely not too much to ask? :-)

5. Be the impatient one in the queue

Now, we know what it feels like to be standing in the queue waiting endlessly while the person at the machine takes her/his time to withdraw money (see above :-P).

There are those who will be as patient as Buddha and those who will at most give the person a dirty look as they pass them.

But then there are those who will almost heckle you; insist you get on with it and do it fast. You know because they are waiting!

Now as horrible as it is to be waiting behind a person who's taking longer than s/he should at the ATM, fact is that this transaction involves money.

So why heckle them while they're doing the transaction? Or worse, look over their shoulder while they try to complete it!

Chances are they'll bungle up and you'll end up waiting longer!

Who's the idiot now?

4. Race to the machine

Then there are those who will spot another customer from a distance and race to the ATM faster than Usain Bolt would race to the finish line of the 100 m dash!

Seriously! What is with you guys!?

It's just an ATM.

Not some trophy.

Everyone gets to withdraw money as long as they have it in their account.

So stop racing to the ATM like you damn life depends on it.

3. Take your partner to the ATM

Now we know of several couples that are joined at the hip.

They'll colour coordinate, complete each other's sentences, hold hands everywhere they go and pretend like the ATM cubicle is an extension of their bedroom!

So, dear newly-in-love couples, gather around because this is an important lesson, an ATM cubicle is one of the few places you can truly be alone. Make the most of that time. Because sooner rather than later, you will crave for it :-)

2. Talking on the mobile phone

Oh this is our pet peeve.

Now apart from the fact that it is against the rules to speak on the mobile while using the ATM machine, it is also just darned wrong.

You disturb the person next to you who is also most likely withdrawing money.

You are distracted yourself (same reason why they don't allow you to speak while driving) so you end up taking longer than you usually would or worse still make a big booboo!

So why don't you do everyone (including yourself) a favour and put that phone away for just a little over 60 seconds?

1. Walking in with the helmet and sunglasses on!

There's a wonderful story about how a World War II pilot crashed on a beach, walked out of the smouldering remains of his aircraft, walked into the bar across the road and asked for a martini.

Then there are the bikers who will get off their thumping Enfield machines, pretending they're just getting out of a Su-30, walk with their helmets and sunglasses on like they're in a war zone and enter the ATM like the aforementioned fictional WWII pilot... knowing fully well it is illegal to wear either a helmet or a pair of sunglasses while operating an ATM.

And then will give the poor security guard a dirty look when he tries to tell them to take it off

Without a doubt our number one pet ATM peeve!