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MF GURU: 'You're taking aggressive risks'

September 26, 2022 08:55 IST

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Nikunj Saraf, Vice President Choice Wealth, (external link), will answers your queries.


Vara Prasad: Recently married and my age is 39 years old. I'm private job holder. I want to retired at the age of 50 yrs, by that time I'm planning for my saving should be around 2 crores.

Presently I'm investing in following schemes so please suggest is it enough for my retirement or want to make any addition or changes in below schemes. 

I'm investing below schemes.

Please tell me what about below mutual funds:


2) Axis small cap fund direct growth

Nikunj Saraf:Hello Vara Prasad. Regarding your query, to achieve 2 cr corpus in the next 11 years till your retirement. From your current 38k sips, I would suggest increasing it to 60k sips per month.

In addition to the current SIPs, you can increase them by investing in categories like mid-cap, large & mid-cap, flexi cap, etc.

K B Mishra: I’m 35 years old and I invest in following funds from last 2 years and can continue for next 25 years. Are these good funds and can I continue with it? Following funds are:

Nippon small cap- 4000
Quant small cap- 4000
Kotak small cap - 4000
Tata small cap - 3000
PGMI Flexi cap – 3000

Nikunj Saraf: Thanks for sharing your current investments in MFs, KB Mishra.

Based on your age and your requirements, I can see that you are taking aggressive risks.

Regarding your question about whether the schemes are good or not, other than Tata Small Cap Fund, all funds can be invested for a long term of 25 years. Moreover, I can see that 80% of the investments are in small-cap categories.

Hence, I will suggest category-wise bifurcation.

You can reshuffle the current SIPs or start investing in mid-cap, large & mid-cap categories, etc.

Risk diversification is also required in your portfolio.

Rahul Bansal: Currently I'm 39 years old. Kindly suggest some SIPs so that I can make a corpus of Rs. 1 cr in next 15 years. I'm willing to invest in high risk SIPs and as well as balanced funds also. Kindly suggest.

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Rahul Bansal. Thanks for discussing your requirements and future goals. For the goal of 1 Cr., you can start sip in mf of around Rs.15000 with the below-mentioned schemes:

Manjunath Savur: Good afternoon sir /madam I am 38 years old and since four years I am investing 6000rs per month via sip below four mutual funds and just I want to view my portfolio and could you please suggest me I can change any funds otherwise should I hold and l am looking for long term horizon and I am ready to take high risk also.

1. Absl flexi cap fund 1000

2. Mirae asset emerging equity fund 1500

3. Hdfc mid cap opportunitys fund 1500

4. SBI small cap fund 2000

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Manjunath, It sounds like your current portfolio report is in good shape. 

In accordance with your requirements, the current diversification is correctly invested. If you wish to add more sips in your portfolio in future, you can explore large cap category too. 

With your age factors, this category seems to be missing.

Poorvi K: I'm looking for a corpus amount of 5 cr in 10 years. Below are my investments 

Please can u suggest add-ons and any changes in the existing ones? 

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Poorvi. Your portfolio consists of both tax-saving and non-tax saving funds. It is recommended that you can increase your monthly sips from 35k to approximately 1.8 lakh, if you wish to achieve 5 Cr corpus.

There is a large allocation to small cap & it seems you are taking aggressive risks. I would suggest introducing new categories, such as flexi-cap and midcap.

If 1.8 Lakh sips are not possible try to have semi annually or annual add on to current sips. I hope this solves your concern.

Venkatesulu Ma: I started investing in MF from FY21 APR for the below MF.

1. Aditya birla tax relief 96 direct growth for month 3000

2. Aditya Birla Sun Life Pharma & Healthcare Fund Direct Growth for moth 3000

Please suggest if these are good funds or not I need to change different funds. Moreover I plan to invest 2 to 4 MF for 3000 for month. Please suggest good MFs (medium risk funds).

Nikunj Saraf: Hi Venkatesulu, I would suggest diversifying your further investments in the future with different AMCs as current investments lies to specific 1 AMC.

Further I would suggest changing one of your funds from Aditya Birla tax relief 96 direct growth to another fund in same category.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Pharma & Healthcare Fund Direct Growth lies in sectoral-pharma. It's for the long term with a horizon of more than 8 yrs minimum.

With your new sip investment, Kindly find below suggested schemes:

Ashwani Parmar: Good morning sir, I am investing since 4 years in MFs. Sir, I am investing 12000 /month and have a plan to invest next 5 years. May I continue these SIPs? Or is there any requirement to change?

1. Franklin india smaller cap fund-1000

2. HDFC hybrid equity fund -1000

3. HDFC mid cap opportunity fund -1000

4. ICICI prudential long term -1000

5. Invasco india Contra fund-1000

6. Kotak flexi cap regular growthfund -1000

7. Nippon india small cap fund growth -1500

8. SBI blue chip fund-2500

9. SBI megnum children benifit fund -2100

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Ashwani, I can see over diversification with your current investments with 12k sip amount. I would suggest you to consolidate your mf investments and reshuffle the portfolio.

RP: Sir, I am 48 years, investing 60,000/ per month since 2016 and have MF Investment in name of my wife, sister and myself, my main fund are below given with SIP amount. besides I have kept 10L in Debt Funds (SBI ST, ICICI ST, Axis ST, Kotak ST (Short Term) for emergency or Top Up on market falls. In coming year I want stop SIP of Small Cap, Mid Cap and like to Add Balance Advantage fund for 25000 PM, Which fund you suggest.

Do you advise to stop either of below fund or revise SIP amount. My Target is to retire at age 55Yrs and travel India and live in nature/hill area.

ELSS (Invested VALUE 1.45/LATEST VAL:1.60)

1) AXIS LONG TERM - 5000

FLEXI CAP (INV-V: 5.70/ LAT VAL 7.20L)



6) SBI BLUCHIP - 10000




10) AXIS MIDCAP - 5000


11) NIPPON SMALL CAP - 10000
12) SBI SMALL CAP - 5000
14) SBI TECH - 5000 SIP

Nikunj Saraf: Hello RP, I guess you have already maintained well diversified portfolio. With your age factor, yes it would required now to reduce your portfolio risk to low risk appetite categories like Large Cap fund or balanced advantage funds.

Hence, I will suggest you to stop the sips with high risk schemes other than large cap fund.

Prashant Kumar: My son is in 7th grade and I want to save 15 lakh when he completes his 12th grade for his higher education. Pls advise best investment options for this. How much should I save every month and in which funds.

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Prashant, I understand your goal is for child education with the time horizon of minimum 5 years. Taking all factors into consideration, I would suggest you invest approximately 17000 monthly in the following schemes in order to achieve your goal:

Ankur Garg: Dear Sir, I am 38 yrs old. I wish to invest in the following mutual funds:

Monthly SIP all started this year in March,2022 for 10 years

1. Quant Tax Regular Growth - 5000

2. Quant Active Regular Growth- 5000

3. Quant Absolute Regular Growth- 5000

4. Icici Technology Regular Growth - 5000

5. Icici Value Fund Regular Growth- 2000

6. Sbi Focussed Equity Regular Growth- 5000

7. SBI SMALL CAP Regular growth - 5000

8. AXIS SMALL CAP - 5000

9. Kotak Emerging Bluechip Regular Growth- 5000

10. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Regular Growth- 5000

Lump sum:

1. Quant Infrastructure Regular Growth-125000 (2022)

2. Sbi Multicap Regular Growth-125000(2022) 

3. Tata Digital Regular Growth -200000(2022)

4. Aditya Birla Regular Growth-70000(2022)

I wish to build a corpus of 3 crores in 10 years.

Kindly guide if investments are fine and kindly suggest If I should merge/discontinue some funds.

Nikunj Saraf: Hello Ankur, Your portfolio is well diversified and looks good. If you wish to build corpus of 3 Cr in next 10 years, I would suggest to add-on with your current sip investments to 1.10 lakh to achieve your goal or you can add on some funds annually to reach to sip investments of 1.10 Lakh.

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