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Malavika Is Crazy About...

November 23, 2023 08:45 IST

Malavika Mohanan oozes sass and style and is the unapologetic champion of funky sunglasses.

The actress, who owns every red carpet she steps on, steers clear of flashy, eccentric fashion.

However, when it comes to her eyewear, she's a woman who's fascinated.

A huge fan of white-rimmed shades, she keeps making a statement with her sunnies.

IMAGE: Her square-rimmed, oversized glares are perfect for the days she wants to avoid the paps.  
Photographs: Kind courtesy Malavika Mohanan/Instagram


IMAGE: Gingham prints and white-framed sunglasses... she is a '50s girl at heart. 


IMAGE: White on white on neon green... she gives off supermodel vibes. 


IMAGE: The actor is dressed for the win on the streets of London 


IMAGE: Be it a vacation or formal affair, she rarely lets go of her trusted accessory. 


IMAGE: There's never, says Malavika, such a thing as too many sunglasses.  


IMAGE: It's something she wears almost every day. 


IMAGE: Though Malavika is partial to black and white frames, she'll also turn to sleek, oval ones. 


IMAGE: The bigger, the better!