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Love street food? 3 recipes you can try

Last updated on: April 23, 2020 16:20 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers, to send us your recipes and videos of what you are cooking during the lockdown.
Rediff reader Vishaka Damwani sent us these amazing videos of street food recipes you can make at home.

Punjabi Samosa

Punjabi Samosa

Watch the video to see how to make Punjabi Samosas:


For samosa crust

For potato masala filling


For the filling

To make samosas

Vada Pav with dry red chutney

Vada Pav with dry red chutney



For spicy dry red chutney

For the potato masala stuffing

For the besan batter


For the stuffing

For the batter

To make batata vadas

Chana Dal Pattice and Chhole

Chana dal pattice and chhole

For the chole masala

For garnish

For pattice


To make the chole masala

To make Channa dal aloo pattice

Vishaka Damwani