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ASK LOVE GURU: Should I pretend to be married?

September 09, 2022 12:24 IST

Relationship problems? Let Love Guru help.

Love Guru

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If you are facing relationship issues -- and if you are in a relationship, you're facing issues -- we have someone you can discuss them with freely.

Meet's Love Guru, who says, 'I've been told I give some pretty great advice. And some people think I'm funny, so if I can give you a laugh or two after your girlfriend stuck a fork in your face, why the hell not?'

So if you feel you want some personal advice, do write in to (Subject: Ask Love Guru).

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Myself 43 years old man from Guwahati. l mistook my young sister in law of 21 years sleeping on my bed in my wife's night dress with lights off as my wife last December when l returned from office and my wife was out to the tailors shop. Unknowingly I took her to be my wife and forced myself to lip kiss her only to find her screaming to leave her. l am hell scared now if she tells everyone no one will understand me but she is silent till now and also staying with us. l am very confused and disturbed. please help.

I really hope that you're telling the truth here, because your story sounds very suspect. It's one thing to mistake a sleeping figure, but you surely can't have not seen that it was your sister-in-law when you tried to kiss her on the lips!

Anyway, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt; and it obviously can't be that bad because, nine months later, she's still living with you both.

If you haven't made a move in her direction since then, she probably realises that you made an honest mistake.

When you get a moment alone with her, please bring to her notice why you thought it was your wife and apologise for the inadvertent misbehaviour.

I'm sure she'll accept your apology and you can move on from this awkward episode.

And if you're really so worried that despite that she may tell on you, tell your wife the truth. She may get annoyed, but it'll be better than her hearing about it from her sister for sure.


Dear Love Guru,
I am 50 years divorced man in relation with a 42 years divorced women.
We have known to each other for the last 7 years, but only for the 8/9 months we have committed to each other. We intend to marry. But she insists for 40 lakh money and 1 flat in her name. Then only will see agree to marry.
She says if not given she will marry another guy who will meet her requirements. I am so much in love that I am thinking of giving her demands and marry her.  But the real problem is, she has many male friends with whom she regularly chats over watsup and messanger. She also goes for dinner with some friends. 
Secondly, whenever we go to any group parties (her known) she flirt around with male friends, like taking pictures holding each other, dancing closely together etc. I after ask her dance with me or take snaps with me, she just avoids.
I have seen many male friends of her touching her bump or cheeks or holding her waists, she never objects. But when I try to do the same, she objects saying what people will think etc.
She tries to stay away from me during the parties. I constantly remind her to stay with me, she says not to be so possessive and allow her some space. 
Previously we had sex once a month for 5/6 months, but for the last 3 months she has totally stopped having sex, she says will do it only after marriage. Whenever we had sex, she didnt seems to participate, she just tells me to finish off fast. 
Again, I am only one who telephones her every night for talking. She never calls me. Throughout the day she never calls and rarely chats with me.
After I propose or insists, we meet once in 10 days. she always prefers to meet in group of friends. With me she talks quite ok, but in group she becomes very lively and active.
I am confused whether to proceed for marriage by fulfilling her demands. What if after marriage she repeats the same flirteous nature and not so committed towards me.
Please advice and help.

You're confused? There's nothing confusing about the situation -- this woman wants nothing from you except an apartment and money.

She doesn't call you, she doesn't hang out with you, she doesn't like acknowledging you in public, she doesn't like having sex with you and she'll marry someone else if you don't fork over the moolah.

Stop considering how to ruin your life and find someone who's happy with you even minus the Rs 40 lakhs and the flat!

Dear Love Guru,
I'm 30 and my parents want me to get married.
I have a boyfriend but I am not interested in getting married at the moment. Neither is he.
I tried talking to my parents, but they are very adamant.
Sometimes, my boyfriend and I feel we should pretend that we got married; the pressure is so much.
What can I do? I want to travel, enjoy my life and then settle down.
How do I handle this?

You handle this by not caving in to pressure and living life on your own terms.

I wouldn't go about pretending, but I certainly would stand my ground if I were you.

What's the big deal if you get married at 32 or 33 instead of 30? It's just a number at the end of the day.

Rather than deception, choose determination. And your parents really need to cool it with the forcing business! It's your life and you should get a say in when you marry.

Dear Love Guru,
I'm a married woman and I work with a private company.
My husband has no job and sits at home all day.
I hate going home because he is very frustrated and always says something negative and annoying when he sees me.
I have several male friends, who are younger to me and I like talking to them and sharing details about my day.
My husband suspects I am having an affair and keeps checking my phone. He has followed me to work on a couple of occasions. He now keeps tabs on me and wants me to inform him about my whereabouts.
I feel that my marriage is over and there's nothing to look forward to. I want to move out and start afresh.
But will I get a second chance at finding love?
What if I end up in the same situation again? 

Why would you end up in the same situation again, are you stupid enough to go looking for another overly-critical jobless partner?

Lots of people find love again and get married a second time, but that's not what is in question here. The question is whether you really feel nothing at all for your husband and want a divorce.

If you think that the relationship is completely over and want to separate, that's your decision to make.

You could try marital counselling if there is a breakdown in communication between you both, but that's provided you want to save the marriage. And it certainly doesn't sound like you do.

You never even mentioned whether it was a love marriage or arranged match; if it’s the latter and you've never loved him at all, I'd say there's not much point in trying either.

Dear Love Guru,
Two years ago, I met a guy on Instagram who I thought was stalking me but later we became friends. During Covid, we became very close and would chat on IG for long hours.
I had never met him. I had feelings for him but never confessed to him or anyone.
One day my best friend told me that they met on my Insta and have been dating for a year.
I was really heartbroken but I couldn't express my feelings to anyone.
Now when she talks to me about him I feel helpless and jealous. I don't know how to deal with my emotions. I can't see him as a friend and I can't tell my friend that I like him too.
Please help.

Look, this guy was obviously on the prowl to find a girl on Instagram and I think that he was chatting both you and your friend up, hoping one of the two would end up in a relationship with him.

Who knows where else he was fuelling a fire in the hopes of landing a girlfriend?

And while he was having cosy conversations with you, did he once mention that he was dating your bestie at the side for a whole year? That in itself should tell you that he's something of an opportunist and will take what he can get.

I would suggest you come to terms with it, because he doesn't sound too promising anyway from his behaviour.

I don't think much of him and, as far as I'm concerned, you've dodged a bullet.

Let her have him; you're better off.


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