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Li'l Miss Sunshine ShivShakti Sachdev

July 04, 2023 08:52 IST

ShivShakti Sachdev packs a lively punch with her prints and stripes fashion.

The attractive television actor and digital creator/YouTuber with a 'grateful heart and peaceful mind' has got what it takes in the style dept. -- easy-on-the-eye, simple-to-master dressing that is a nod to her girl-next-door image.

Sweet, frilly dresses are her thing too.

A proud outfit repeater, sunsets are this shehzadi's 'forever favourites'.

IMAGE: Sabki Laadli Bebo makes a splash in a blue that's bluer than the ocean at Thailand's Bamboo Island.
All photographs: Kind courtesy ShivShakti Sachdev/Instagram


IMAGE: Shivika fashion kamaal ka hain!
Casting a spell on Phuket at her feet in a fetching white broderie sun dress.
Would you be surprised if she was stopped several times by strangers just to tell her how beautiful she looks?


IMAGE: It's Break Time Masti Time for ShivShakti in something flowy and black.


IMAGE: ShivShakti could be headed to a party, brunch or content creators meeting, or all three -- only thing missing is a flute of champagne.
Fashion, beauty and travel are her three passions.
She hearts rich, bright hues, always piles on the accessories and is not afraid to draw attention to her pins.


IMAGE: When 'EAT, SLEEP and Repeat' is on her mind on a 'staycation' in Pune, donning something in cotton that's comfy, stylish, versatile is eminently sensible.


IMAGE: Mud mud ke na dekh, mud mud ke...
On her birthday, when she has completed '30 laps around the sun', ShivShakti displays the splendours of a black maxi dress.
That's how one can look like a million bucks without actually spending that kind of money.


IMAGE: You can so relate to ShivShakti's wardrobe choices -- simple, pretty and pyaara and never too exotic.


IMAGE: How can you not find her gorgeous in garam garam pink?