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So, will you wear these LFW creations?

September 04, 2014 13:23 IST
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Because sometimes, just sometimes, designers go trigger happy! :-)

1. This Jailhouse-inspired suit

By Huemn because if you really think of it, we are all prisoners of fashion... or some such thing.

2. This Anuj Sharma number

Because every woman needs a battledress.

3. This... erm... Sherwani (?) by Aartivijay Gupta

And a pair of matching track pants to go with it.

4. Or emperor's new shoes...

Because, you know, you can barely see them!

5. How about a sari with a pocket?

Because Poco and Jacky are concerned about where you will put that lip balm :-)

6. Or one with a parrot?

Because what is a sari without a parrot eh?

7. These suspenders...

That look like they're playing hide-n-seek!

8. And these... Japanese fans?

Just in case you need some air!

9. But then there is nothing like a pair of platform heels is there?

Because, really, what is life if not seen from an elevated perspective?

So tell us, dear readers, if you would wear any of them if you could?

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