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LFW: Like these Earth-friendly styles?

October 21, 2020 19:42 IST

Malai, the winner of Circular Design Challenge 2020, put the spotlight on sustainable fashion at LFW 2020. 

IMAGE: This collection of accessories is made of bio-composite material created from sustainable bacterial cellulose, which is grown on agricultural waste sourced from the coconut industry in south India.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Lakme Fashion Week


IMAGE: The collection has been inspired by a 17th century book called Hortus Malabaricus by Hendrik van Reede. It is the first botanical record written about the flora of the Malabar Coast.


IMAGE: Hortus Malabaricus literally means 'Garden of Malabar'. And this collection captures the best local flora there.


IMAGE: Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Natural. These designs are apt for 2020. 


IMAGE: Move over fast fashion. These looks are here to stay :)

Watch the show here. 


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