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Who keeps the fashion week ticking?

Last updated on: March 24, 2015 10:29 IST
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Uttam Ghosh/ aims his camera at the women and men who work away from the arc lights at Lakme Fashion Week.

There is lot more than what meets the eye at a fashion week. It takes several people to put together shows that you see here.

Uttam Ghosh aims his camera at these very people.

A model checking out the queue list during the backstage rehearsals. The Q list is the order of appearance for models that they follow on the ramp during shows.

Models like Hasleen Kaur and Shweta Doli who work super hard, round the clock, to make the clothes they wear look stunning. Behind them is a Paresh Maity painting who is one of India's best painters today.

Boys like Sooraj who works as a waiter at Lakme Fashion Week in the hope of being spotted by some talent scout so he could become a model someday too.

This backstage co-ordinator who is on her feet, ensuring everything runs the way it is supposed to.

An international model who will travel hundreds of miles in the hope of finding a job. Seen here is Dutch model Debbie.

Ugochi Latoya Igwilo, who is only just coming to terms with being the only Nigerian model at Lakme Fashion Week.

This unnamed make-up artiste who works tirelessly show after show, day after day to make models look pretty.

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