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Kriti Sanon, Style Chameleon

November 14, 2022 16:24 IST

Kriti Sanon is a style chameleon who adeptly adapts to the challenges of dressing magnificently for every terrain and moment.

She worships colour though denims seem to reign supreme in her wardrobe. And, of course, she looks breathtaking in a sari.

IMAGE: Look back in pink! The ruffle marching across Kriti are like wings that allow the outfit to soar.
The actor terms her look in the House of Amen mini as: Cotton Candy.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Joolry/Instagram


IMAGE: La Dame de Fer vs La Dame de Denim: Does the lady in the jumpsuit outshine Paris's Iron Lady?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kriti Sanon/Instagram


IMAGE: Van Gogh-esque in bright yellows and blues. And flowers. In France.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kriti Sanon/Instagram


IMAGE: Orange Country Girl: Kriti gets the better of a tangerine sequin sari with a citrus-toned blouse.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Akanksha Gajria/Instagram


IMAGE: Kriti in Paris, je t'aime: She balances elegance with street-style.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kriti Sanon/Instagram


IMAGE: We did say Kriti in a sari can make your heart skip a beat...
Photograph: Kind courtesy Eurumme/Instagram


IMAGE: Kriti achieves full-glam state in the tropical sequin garden lehenga-choli ensemble.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Anushree Reddy/Instagram