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Krishna Shroff Isn't Your Regular Princess

June 30, 2023 17:07 IST

Strong is the new pretty.

Especially for Krishna Jackie Shroff aka Kishu who is a boss rani living her fashion life with a touch of ruggedness given her enthusiasm for mixed martial arts.

She's a hatke character just like dad Jaggudada and brother Tiger Shroff. Struttingly confident in her own skin, Krishna states she 'ain't no passenger princess'.

Her picture-book Gram pics forced a fan to ask: How is everything about you so perfect?

It's hard to spot her in anything other than low-waist denims paired with a snug tee or her favourite athleisure. But there are those one-off occasions when she slips her fab bod into a glam dress or something girlie.

IMAGE: Bow down people, this is Krishna's world, and she is on her throne.
It's a gorgeous Greek goddess-type dress that she dons just for her date with Vitamin Sunshine.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Krishna Jackie Shroff/Instagram


IMAGE: She's got legs so cute they don't need trousers.


IMAGE: Another outing, at Kerala's Marari beach, of this two-member mutual admiration club -- Kishu and the sun.


IMAGE: Your eyes are going to miss those pretty blue hills in the background...
Because any self-respecting pair of aankh has to be on Krishna's sleek as a proud panther figure with its taut hips, dangerlously sleek abs, toned arms and legs.


IMAGE: When Kishu's not in the gym building her body, she's on some stunning tropical strip of sand by coral-green waters, advertising it.
But reverence is owed where it is due


IMAGE: A fitness freak and owner of a gym has only one calling card...