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Kerala Floods: 'Thank you, everyone who has helped'

August 29, 2018 11:37 IST

Models Sonalika Sahay, Nicole Padival and Aishwarya Singh share their feelings about the floods that have devastated Kerala.
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Sonalika Sahay

Photograph: Kind courtesy Mineofdesign/Instagram

Kerala continues to reel under the aftermath of the floods that have devastated the state.

At Lakme Fashion Week, the thoughts of the models remained with the state and the havoc it is coping with.



Supermodel Sonalika Sahay has friends in Kerala.

"I really, really appreciate the fishermen, the army... everyone has stepped in. Thank you everyone, who has gone there (to help) and has really worked there in Kerala."

In the video below, she asks armchair critics of the rescue process to rein in their horses.


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Nicole Padival

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nicole Padival/Instagram

Nicole Padival is heartbroken at the tragedy.

"People are homeless," she says, as she shares her feelings in the video below.


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Aishwarya Singh

Photograph: Kind courtesy Lakme Fashion Week/Facebook

Aishwarya Singh warns against falling trap to fake news and a media that exaggerates.

Rajesh Karkera