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Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Plabita

August 18, 2023 09:01 IST

She always has a sweet grin on her face and that muskaan is the reason why fans ask, 'Is there anything more heartwarming than Plabita Borthakur's smile?'

A proud Assamese, she wears her traditional mekhela with great dignity, but adores kurtas, pretty frocks with Ikat prints as much.

She calls herself: 'Actor, singer, day-dreamer'... The descriptor doesn't stop there! 'Fetish Girl of Escaype Live, Ayesha of Bombay Begums, Ramni/Muniya of Sutliyan, Rehana of Lipstick Under My Burkha', Plabita goes on.

Her 130,000 Instagram followers are kept entertained with her off-beat dress sense and Assamese songs in her surili awaaz, which she belts out with musician-entrepreneur hubby Pranab Buragohain.

IMAGE: 'Who says I can't get on a boat, place a viola (violet) in my hair, wear a wide smile and meander through the trails of a tranquil river (in Assam)?' asks the actress. And also look breathtaking in cotton whites.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Plabita Borthakur/Instagram


IMAGE: This is the way to wear wee conch shells in your ears.
Plabita says 'kemonacho' in carnation pink from the depth of Bengal's countryside.


IMAGE: Setting the water on fire is the summing up, by a fan, of Plabita attired in a bikini on which geometric patterns run amok and beguiling cut-outs garner max attention.


IMAGE: Plabita will checkmate your weekend scene with a failproof classic combo.
It turns out gumboots with socks does look good.
Who needs a glass of wine, when one can get drunk on her smile :)


IMAGE: Her elegant mekhela sador was specially handpicked for attending fashion week.
Go girl, there's no better place to strut your individuality and culture.


IMAGE: The green around her uplifts her mood on sunny day out in Assam.
Her choice of a candy-cane striped shirt with a Chinese collar over denims does wonders for our mood too.


IMAGE: The short pink ikat dress plays up Plabita's adventurous, unconventional, side.
You would think this traditional fabric was invented for minis.

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/