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Janhvi Kapoor Is A Phuljadi In Blue

July 28, 2023 16:24 IST

Janhvi Kapoor reminded us of the beautifully-lit night sky in her celestially chic lehenga-choli-chunni outfit of rich silky blue.

She made a breathtaking chakachaund appearance as Designer Gaurav Gupta's showstopper and opened his show for a collection titled Hiranyagarbha at FDCI India Couture Week in New Delhi.

Her twinkling smile instantly gave us a little jhalak of mom Sridevi.

IMAGE: She's a one-woman carnival of oomph.
Starstruck are you?
You can almost imagine the rustling sound -- swish, swish, surrr, surrr -- that peeping black satin petticoat is making beneath the ensemble.
All photographs: Kind courtesy FDCI/Instagram


IMAGE: J with Gaurav.
This royal blue is conveniently suitable for evening or morning wear.
The designer says his collection and its name signifies 'the journey from birth, transformation, realisation, and eventual harmony with the cosmos'. He nailed it then.


IMAGE: The slanted, pretzel-like choli sits securely smug, revealing only tiny tantalising bits of skin.
Beautiful monsoon-green fabric wraps around model Deepti Gujral like the fresh shoots and branches of a tree.


IMAGE: Flowing. Coursing. Cascading. Gushing. Rippling. Rolling. Billowing.
Gupta's collection is all about the gentle yet vibrant and feminine movement of satiny fabric.
It's a sari. No, it's a dress. Arre, it's a sari...


IMAGE: Hey, Kim K, is that you?
Something went a bit awry here.