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Is Sharmila Nicollet The Best Looking Golfer?

Last updated on: July 26, 2023 10:24 IST

Indian pro golfer Sharmila Nicollet loves the game just as much as she adores being a 'fashion fanatic'.

How many golfers can you count as cool as her?

She's been flying the flag for itty-bitty upper thigh-grazing jorts (denim shorts), tops cropped way above the belly button and fishnet sarongs for a while now. Sit up and watch, folks.

Part-French, part-Kannada, the Bengaluru Golf Girl, who started playing at 11, has been gathering plaudits for her handicap. When she is off the green -- and even when she's 'sweating out the stress and embracing the endorphin rush' -- she collects taalis for sleek dressing as she follows her motto 'conformity is the only real fashion crime'.

IMAGE: Now you see what we mean about coolness...
And before you start guessing the details of her shot in a tournament in Florida, take a moment to appreciate her graceful gazelle-like physique -- she stands 5 feet 11 in her socks -- and how great Sharmila looks on a golf course in the most casual of clothes.
A follower aptly puts it: 'You're better than a triple-scoop ice cream with sprinkles'.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Sharmila Nicollet/Instagram


IMAGE: Atlanta Jorts Days.
Tips: Note the charms of a denim vest. Secondly, do realise that every pair of phata-purana jeans, about to be retired, has the potential -- yay -- to become some sexy jorts. 


IMAGE: Her hair is the selfie.
Like the shoes?


IMAGE: In a striking daisy-ified bikini and red hair, Shamz is more exotic than Thailand's picturesque Phi Phi islands, and the eighth wonder of the world, according to her fans.


IMAGE: For the love of Gucci tracks and Playboy socks. 


IMAGE: Sharmila dons a ladlylike romper plus pretty-as-a-pastry sneakers for promenading along Sunset Walk in Kissimmee, Florida and upstaging a black four-wheel beauty. Mustang, is it?


IMAGE: Does this Bahamas holiday pic need a caption?
Or an identifying-the-boss ritual?

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/