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Inspiring! How this Keralite is keeping COVID-19 away

March 20, 2020 16:26 IST

We asked you, dear readers to share tips, suggestions and stories of how you are preventing coronavirus.

This is what Rediff reader Chandrasekhar Yethadka shared.

You can share your responses too! Scroll down to find out how. 

Meet Udayakumar from Kasaragod, Kerala. He runs a ration shop in Yethadka, a small remote village of Kumbadaje Panchayat.

According to Rediff reader Chandrasekhar Yethadka, 'Udayakumar daily wears a mask and washes his hands after handling every ration card.

'He has to 573 ration cardholders (coming to his shop), which means his daily precautionary measures reaches that many homes.

'He also offers his customers advice on how they can prevent COVID-19.

'After seeing him, many ration shops in the district have begun following his hygienic practices.' 

Share your responses with us and we will publish the best tips and suggestions.

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