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HR GURU: 'My company has put me on PIP'

December 05, 2022 16:24 IST

'Have a candid discussion with your manager. If s/he still insists on a performance improvement plan, then take it up as a challenge,' advises HR Guru Mayank Rautela.

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Have a bad boss? Or a colleague who is undermining you?

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Have you hit a dead-end at work and see no way out?

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Dear Mayank,
I'm amidst a peculiar situation in my professional journey.
I work for a private limited company as AGM sales (Industrial) for past 4 years & my contribution to the company's top-line constitutes almost 70% of the company's yearly revenue since I am a KAM of a big strategic account.
Over the past 8-9 years, while I have changed my employers on couple of occasions, my client has remained the same (its the same big account that I refer to). However, in the past I have never joined a direct competitor where there has been a conflict of interest. Always I chose to move to an organization with different product line and thereby expand my exposure, while at the same time keeping intact the integrity as well as dignity of during job changes.
Now, our direct competitor has approached me with a job opportunity in the same market. My present organisation is relatively small,whereas the competitor is a big MNC with better brand value. I tried to stay away for past 2-3 months citing ethical issues, but they still keep approaching. Please suggest whether it will be a good decision to change.
I'm 41 years of age, with 17-18 years experience in Industrial Marketing.

Hi Ashish,

The large MNC is approaching you for your strong connections and they want to capitalise on that for their growth.

If you are happy with your role and the culture of the current organisation, then my suggestion will be to continue with them.

Changing a job is always a risk, particularly in the current economic scenario.


Hi Mayank.
I am 38 years old and have 18 years experience in account and finance. Recently my company put me on PIP (performance improvement plan) saying when we give any important work you go on sick leave. It happend twice when I was given some work and got sick. In 2021 due to cataract I could not download some work. Recently again they gave me some and I got hospitalised due to typhoid. These are uncontrollable events you cannot fell sick as per your will but they are not understanding.
Should I accept PIP although I have not made any big mistake in my work.
Kindly reply me.


I don’t think any good organisation will put an employee on PIP if the employee has genuine medical issues. In your case, cataract and typhoid are verifiable medical issues.

There seems to be more issues than just these two instances.

Have a candid discussion with your manager. If she/he still insists on a PIP, then take it up as a challenge and successfully come out of the PIP.


Dear Mayank,
I am a 32-year-old working professional in media and marketing.
I tremendously enjoy what I do and share a very good rapport with my colleagues. However, the new team leader I am assigned to is notorious to deal with. It's getting increasingly challenging to work under this new person who doesn't give credit or provide any sort of feedback at work. Moreover, I see absolutely no scope for learning or growing under this leadership. I love this workplace and my job, but I am in dilemma about whether I should look out for new opportunities or stay put. Kindly help. 


The issue that you are facing is not uncommon in the corporate world. Very few managers can actually inspire their team and keep them focussed and motivated.

I would suggest that the entire team has a candid discussion with the manager. If he does not take the feedback positively, then please take it up with the senior management.

Changing your job for this issue is certainly not the right approach; you may face a similar situation in your new organisation.


Dear Mayank,
My son is 20 and studying final year BCom. I have been reading a lot about digital marketing these days. Do you think it would be a good career option. If yes, how can I guide him to pursue it? What course would enable him to get in to the field?


Yes, digital marketing is a good career option provided your son is interested in taking it up.

Ideally, he should do an MBA in marketing.

Before that, he can do some online courses and join a company as an intern.


Dear Mayank,
I am 35 and I have switched 6 jobs in the last 10 years. I started with IT, then moved to sales and marketing, even did an MBA in finance. I am earning a six figure salary but I am really confused because I haven't figured out a job or profile that really makes me happy. Can you please help?


To be frank, I really can't guide you with the limited information you have shared.

All I can advise you is to take up the career you enjoy the most and have the right skill sets for.

Mayank Rautela is the chief human resources officer at Care Hospitals.

He is a management graduate from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and holds a master's degree in labour laws from Pune University.

He has over two decades of experience in the field of general management, strategic human resources, global mergers and integrations and change management.

He has held various leadership positions across marquee companies, including the Piramal Group, the Tata Group and multinational healthcare organisations like CR Bard and Becton & Dickinson.

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