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How to make a sandwich with leftover idlis

January 08, 2021 12:54 IST

A special recipe from Lahu Kapduskar/

Photograph: Divya Nair/

Working all day makes journos incredibly hungry and definitely very snacky by 5.30 or 6 pm.

Lahu Kapduskar is always under pressure to produce something marvellous and piping hot daily.

On a rainy day, he was running short of ideas and options, when inspiration hit.

He had some leftover idlis from breakfast on hand and whipped up delightful idli sandwiches.

The recipe has become a favourite in office and at home. Here it is with a few tweaks.

Lahu's Idli Sandwich

One serving


For the green chutney

For the sandwiches


Note: You can smear coconut chutney inside the sandwich in addition to the green chutney too.