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How To Fix Ankle, Back, Shoulder Injuries

April 22, 2024 12:04 IST

If any pain in the body persists for more than five to six days, it is always better to show a specialist, recommends rediffGURU Nidhi Gupta.

how to fix shoulder, lower back and ankle pain

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Does your body ache when you wake up in the morning?

Did you have a fall and injure yourself recently?

Are you recovering from a surgery?

Have you visited an expert to identify the source and cause of your pain?

rediffGURU Nidhi Gupta is a physiotherapist and the founder of Merahki Holistic Wellness Company.

She has 20 years of experience in helping patients diagnose and manage chronic pain.

Nidhi also prescribes exercises that help deal with to deal with pain and heal faster.

John: I am having pain on my lower back and right shoulder.
Sudden shoulder movements give a lot of pain.

Hello John, since how long has the pain been there?

Have you shown to an orthopaedic or a physiotherapist?

If any pain in body persists for more than five to six days, it is always better to show a specialist.

A physiotherapist will need to check your shoulder and back, accordingly diagnose the root cause and begin treatment.

Ashutosh: I am 48 yrs old male, height 166 cm, weight 63 kg. Triglycerides has reduced to 150 after continuous medication for two months. Thereafter it's increased to 450 again after medicine discontinue. Taking low fat diet. Dinner by 7.30 pm.
Morning only fruits 500 gm. Lunch salad, two chapatis and vegetables, or one bowl of khichdi, poha or dalia with salad compulsory.
Dinner is same as lunch. Weekly once fish, 2 pieces, 2 boiled eggs once a week.

I cannot walk briskly due to joint problems.

Hello, please do enrol yourself with a good wellness/health coach who can guide you holistically.

You may need some therapeutic yoga, some natural supplements like triphala, ashwagandha, noni juice, etc.

You may require some form of mindfulness/meditation techniques, some breathing exercises and some massages to aid you towards wellness.

If it is not happening only with diet, then you have to be under daily guidance for 4-6 months.

I feel if you work with a good wellness coach, you should start improving greatly. Even your joint pain should start reducing.

B: Can you recommend any particular workout for all parts of body. Asking for a 55 year old male.

Hello B, every body is different. It will be best if you can go to a physiotherapist or a gym trainer.

They need to first assess your body composition, core strength, muscle tone and accordingly they can give you a proper exercises schedule involving all part of your body.

Also, suryanamskar is a wonderful exercise that helps the entire body.

All the best!

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