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How To Deal With Office Politics? Ask rediffGURUS

Last updated on: April 24, 2024 10:28 IST

Look at yourself as someone who is trying to contribute and not as someone who wants to change other people, advises rediffGURU Krishna Kumar.

How to deal with office politics: rediffGURUS

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Do you feel stuck in your job?

Are you surrounded by colleagues and peers who don't motivate you enough?

Is workplace politics affecting your performance and growth?

rediffGURU Krishna Kumar, founder and CEO of GoMoTech, offers expert advice on how to scale up in your career.

Rajan: I have just recently joined our community services and hold an official position also there.
Our community is basically immature and politics-driven, few are only interested in designation, lack of transparency, etc.
As far as I am concerned, I am only interested in working by system/transparency without any politics.
Guide me on how to deal with all this.

Dear Mr Rajan, in the end we are all humans driven by same set of emotions.

You may aim to provide selfless service but it's not necessary that others think the same way. They may have their own agenda. Once you accept this it will be easier for you to do what you want to do.

Look at yourself as someone who is trying to contribute and not as someone who wants to change other people.

Do what you can do best without setting expectations from others.

All the best.


Partha: I am 55 and this is my third job.
Everyone says I need personality development.
Kindly advise if this is possible and what are the steps to be taken.

Hello. As humans we all have some empty parts and broken sides; we need to embrace and accept them.

Yes, there is always scope for growth and improvement and one should take that up but not at the cost of self-flogging.

Ask yourself which part of your personality you sincerely believe you want to make changes to and then start making those changes slowly.

Don't expect everything to change overnight. We humans do not function like a switch that can be tuned on or off.

The fact that you are open to embracing change in itself is a start.

Wishing you the very best.


I have been working in a company for five years and my boss has been changed, my promotion is on hold and he is not ready to give a promotion.
Instead, he is suggesting me to move to a different team for promotion if any openings are there.
How do I mitigate this situation?
It is demotivating me since all my colleagues have moved to the next level.
I need your advice. Thank you.

Hello, every company has a policy with regards to promotion in terms of performance and tenure.

There are clear guidelines to situation like yours. I suggest you educate yourself on the same.

You can also approach HR and talk to them as they are the custodians of performance management.

If you can share following details, I may be able to guide better:

Type: Are you working as a full-time employee or on contractual basis which is renewed every five years?

Industry: Software, airline, MRO?

City: Tier 1 (cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru) or Tier 2 (cities like Nagpur)?

Given that you have been with the company for five years shows you are stable and strong person who looks at your career as a marathon, so don't lose heart. You will do well. Believe in yourself. Be bold. Be strong.

All the best.

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How to deal with office politics: rediffGURUS