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How Indians Will Date in 2024

December 06, 2023 09:43 IST

2024 will see a heightened emphasis on safety.
No more risky business, impulsive meet-ups or even random matches, notes Ravi Mittal, CEO, Quack Quack, an online dating app.

No more hookups, casual dating for Indians in 2024

Kindly note that this image from the reality show, Temptation Island India, has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy JioCinema

In the dating realm, 2024 will see a significant shift toward embracing individuality and prioritising personal well-being.

After observing the dating patterns of users, we have realised that dating is becoming more about mindful connections.

These are some of the trends that will dominate the dating culture in India.

No More Casual Dating

Hook-up culture is taking a backseat; we will see casual dating gradually lose its appeal among Indian daters in 2024.

People are using dating apps for various relationship goals, including marriage, long-term relationships and friendships.

Women, in particular, view finding a life partner on a dating app as empowering and providing a sense of control over their love lives.

Moreover, in the past few years, individuals seeking casual relationships have been experiencing fewer matches, indicating a shift among Indian daters from brief flings to forever relationships.

Parallel Play: Together But Separate

Drawing inspiration from childhood development, the concept of parallel play is making waves in adult relationships.

This trend -- which will strengthen in 2024 -- encourages partners to engage in individual activities side by side, concurrently facilitating both 'me time' and 'we time'.

This arrangement allows personal pursuits while enjoying each other's company and fosters independence within the relationship.

Safety First

2024 will see a heightened emphasis on safety.

No more risky business, impulsive meet-ups or even random matches.

People have become more meticulous in their approach to dating.

An increased number of daters are conducting thorough research on potential matches before connecting with them. They are also adopting a slow and vigilant pace during their initial conversations.

Users of dating apps are demonstrating awareness about online security and personal well-being too.

Daters are also seen prioritising platforms that implement rigorous safety measures.

From enhanced profile verification processes to secure messaging features and quick problem resolution, people are seeking platforms that go the extra mile to ensure safety rather than apps prioritising the sheer quantity of matches.

This trend reflects a broader societal transition towards responsible and cautious online interactions.

Manifest Dating

With the growing popularity of manifestation practices, Manifest Dating will emerge as a notable trend in 2024.

This trend involves setting clear intentions and visualising the desired type of relationship. Gen Z also calls it Vision Board Dating.

We have also noticed Tier 2 singles aspiring for a more urban lifestyle and actively seeking partners in Tier 1 cities, aiming to manifest relationships that align with their preferred lifestyles.

The concept emphasises proactive measures and an intentional mindset as factors that help you find an ideal relationship.

Second Chances

Our prediction is that 2024 is going to be about second chances and being more kind.

Daters are increasingly embracing the idea that not every connection is defined by the initial interaction, leading to a more tolerant generation of daters.

This trend reflects a more nuanced and patient approach to online dating.

There's also a surge in the number of divorcees and widowers who are giving themselves another shot at love.