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Hina, Karishma, Sara's Winter Dressing

January 10, 2023 13:56 IST

Layering your garments to battle the cold is tricky business and you don't want to end up looking like a badly-dressed snowman.

It also can be total fun.

It's the only season, in many parts of India, where you have a chance to wear a mohair suit or a tweed jacket, a puffer vest or a gilet, a shacket or a jumper, a turtleneck, a scarf, a hat, all in one go, without becoming a sweaty mess.

Our desi fashion brigade on how to wear your thand clothes smartly. Even if they are doing that in London-Wondon, Paris-Sharis locales. No matter. There are tips to be picked up.

IMAGE: The dramatic pom-pom on Hina Khan's hat adds a new outline to the London skyline, giving Big Ben a run for its money.
The shades of her winter-ready separates tick off the current colour trends for 2023.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Hina Khan/Instagram


IMAGE: Dad-style by KK the First (is that what Randhir wears?):Karishma Kapoor in executive's-day-off getup as she braves the blasting air-conditioners in Mumbai's airport in well-fitted layers and a hat.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Karishma Kapoor/Instagram


IMAGE: Kapoor kaniyas and their (hopefully) faux furs: Aren't they samples of on-point winter pub fashion, especially in the knee-high boots?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kareena Kapoor/Instagram


IMAGE: How many suitcases does Parineeti Chopra need just for winter clothes when she travels?
As she crisscrosses Europe, London, Belgium etc, changing coats, hats and colours daily, the question begged to be asked.
Her crimson trenchcoat brings the first colour to grey London streets since autumn perhaps.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Parineeti Chopra/Instagram


IMAGE: The Layer Advantage: You can merely be wearing a seductive tube top under your bomber jacket like Diana Penty.
And unpeeling the layers is like unpacking a gift, with the last being the prettiest.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Diana Penty/Instagram


IMAGE: Cold weather happiness: All you require is a lively jacket to cheer up boring grey tracks.
Most cute: Priyanka Chopra's purse.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Priyanka Chopra/Instagram


IMAGE: In minus temperatures any kind of loud contrasting shades are allowed. Sara Ali Khan knows that.
And Mickey Mouse can be invited to cartwheel across your gear.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sara Ali Khan/Instagram