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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » #HeToo? Marvel creator Stan Lee accused of sexual harassment

#HeToo? Marvel creator Stan Lee accused of sexual harassment

Last updated on: January 10, 2018 17:32 IST

The master comic book creator has been hit with allegations of groping and more by multiple women.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee's Marvel is the highest-grossing movie franchise in history.
Lee boasts a personal fortune of around $50 million, according to a Daily Mail exposé on the allegations against him.
Photograph: Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images.


Stan Lee, the comic book icon who created the Marvel universe, has become the latest entrant in the never-ending list of powerful people who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, several female nurses have accused the 95-year-old former president and chairman of Marvel of repeated groping, walking around naked in their presence and asking them for oral sex in the shower.

A representative for the nursing company confirmed several nurses have complained and the owner of the company has spoken to Lee directly, but the company stopped working for him at the end of 2016.

Lee has denied all the allegations in a statement.

The statement said, 'Mr Lee categorically denies these false and despicable allegations, and he fully intends to fight to protect his stellar good name and impeccable character. We are not aware of anyone filing a civil action, or reporting these issues to the police, which for any genuine claim would be the more appropriate way for it to be handled.

'Instead, Mr Lee has received demands to pay money and threats that if he does not do so, the accuser will go to the media. Lee will not be extorted or blackmailed, and will pay no money to anyone because he has done absolutely nothing wrong.'


The Daily Mail, which published an expose on the the accusations against Lee, quoted a source who concurred with the accusers.

'The owner at the nursing company has openly said to people that Stan has sexually harassed every single nurse that has been to the house,' the source told Daily Mail. 'That got back to Lee and sparked this whole thing. It appears the owner, who has nursed Stan herself, eventually decided enough was enough.'

But there were also those who supported Lee. 

One source told the British newspaper, 'Stan is 95 years old and has had an excellent reputation throughout his career. People think because of Stan's age he's an easy target and he can be forced into giving them money... Stan is being taken advantage of.'

According to Daily Mail, the nursing company, which caters to celebrities and high-end clients, 'is now in a legal dispute' with Lee.

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